Smart Reusable Notebook

The Smart reusable notebook is very cool as it has specialized paper and a special ink pen that dries within a few seconds. Once you have made your minutes, notes or rough drawings you are can scan the image with a app which is a free download. Once scanned you are able to adjust the image size to your liking.

Once accepted the final version you have many options from there on out such as:

  • Saving it to PDF or Jpeg
  • Emailing it
  • Sharing the file over whatsapp or Dropbox etc
  • Loading it onto your cloud
  • Classifying it (I.e. password protection)
  • OCR Conversion

Once scanned, you have the following options:

  • Keep as the original file
  • Lighten the image
  • Magic colour
  • B&W
  • Grayscale

The options once the image has been scanned are bountiful, as you can add a water marks, create a collage, create a template, make an album, you can airdrop it, fax it, comment and invite.

The Smart note book is reusable, as you can either wet clean (damp cloth) or hot clean (medium heat blow-dryer) or if you need to remove a smaller detail the pen comes with a ink eraser.

The book contains two types of paper layouts,

  • Lined paper (exam pad)
  • Dotted paper (like Moleskine)

Each page offers you a unique section for the date, page number, day of the week and even the weather so you may make notes as you go along. Each surface of paper has 500 cleanings, keeping in mind that the A5 smart Notebook has 100 pages (i.e 200 surfaces) so that’s a whole lot of info on a note book.


Pens are easily obtained once you run out, all you need to do is give us a call or email.