Data Loading & USB Encryption

At Amstore, not only are we able to print your company logo or event details onto the side of a promotional USB flash drive, we are also able to pre-load (Data Load) your very own promotional or any other content onto each drive. We are also able to encrypt the USBs offering you FULL customised protection. The content may vary depending on the event or company that requires USB flash drives but to give an example,
content may include the following:
– Videos (All formats can be pre-loaded)
– Music (All formats can be pre-loaded)
– Company Presentations
– Brochures
– Contact Details (i.e. Postal address, Landline and emails)
– Or any other promotional content of your choice.


Data loading service and learn about our USB Encryption services

We can pre-load data-files, from simple information files through to complex flash presentations. If you need assistance in any aspect of content creation or have any technical questions you can contact one of our sales representatives.

Icon Creation & Naming of USB Device – Instead of the generic external USB device logo we will create a digital brand so that your logo will appear as the USB device icon file giving your USB that little bit extra personalisation as well as naming of the USB. This function only works on PC platforms.

Volume Label – The volume label is the name assigned to the Flash Drive when the disk is first formatted or created. We can customize this name on your request up to a maximum of eleven characters (this includes spaces between words). The customised deivce appears with this name when plugged into a computer (PC & MAC): a small but noticeable touch.


Data Locking/ Partitioning – We are able to protect data on the memory sticks by using a partition and preventing deletion, formatting and addition of files to the segment with clients content. (DATA Locking can only be done at point of manufacturing of the USB and cannot be data locked with stock item USB’s or USB’s supplied into Amstore which have already been manufactured).



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If formatting of USB’s is required please contact us


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