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Memory cards have become a very popular form of storing DATA and/or transferring DATA. Memory cards are similar to USB flash Drives but are more commonly used in Cameras, Cell-Phones, GPS / SAT Nav systems and MP3 / MP4 Playing devices.

It is the advancement of Flash Memory that has allowed these devices to become more widely used and accepted Please keep in mind that there is a large range of hardware manufacturers all which support a different type of memory card in order for it to function properly, If you have any doubt in which memory card you require please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team.

There many different Memory Card to choose from as well as a full range of memory capacities.

Key Flash Memory Card formats are:

SD – Secure Digital
Mini-SD – Mini-Secure-Digital
Micro SD – Micro-Secure-Digital
MMC – Multimedia Card
CF – Compact Flash
Memory capacities are available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB,  32GB, 64GB and up to 128GB. Please note that the price varies accordingly.

If you require to read or transfer music, photos, video or Data files from card to card or memory card to computer, then please contact our sales team and enquire about our range of promotional memory card readers.

All our Memory card components and materials meet the RoHS, WEEE, CE Compliant and relevant European directive along with FCC (United States of America) compliance which are manufactured to ISO-9001 Certfication

Amstore uses premium chip sets only: such as Hynix, Samsung, Intel and Toshiba

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