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Amstore’s Latest News!!!

Project: YOUTUBE VideoPak:

We have just won an order for YouTube (ordered by Google). It is for 500 units and is a custom product

(210 x 210mm) with 4.3″ screen and 2 inner pages with die cut windows. They are using promote their

YouTube advertising services to big spend advertisers. It will be given / sent to the brands marketing /

creative departments.

Project: Samsung VideoPak:

We have just completed an order for Samsung. It was for just under 5k units, A5 with a 4.3″ screen.

It is being used as a sales aid for the Samsung Galaxy III. It has been mailed to phone stores as a

promotional / instruction tool.

Packaging Innovations:

We are teaming up with some of Europes leading RIGID BOARD production companies who are working hard to develop a range of Case Bound (Rigid board) VideoPak options.

We have also partnered up with 2 of the UKs leading packaging innovation companies who will work with us to push the creative boundaries of packaging around VideoPak

Thoughts to ponder?

Whilst VideoPak is a high ticket item, it is seldom seen by just one person… often several. So a product cost of R299.00 (for arguments sake) really has a price tag of more like R42.70 per unit.
For retail prospects that use VideoPak as a sales / marketing tool in-store, and are selling high priced items,why not encourage the prospect to return to the store and ask they return the VideoPak to receive a further reward (discount). They can enjoy the VideoPak message in their own home, but imagine how valuable /powerful it would be for store to have a second face-to-face follow up with an interested prospect…
Don’t forget, VideoPaks can be created out of printed plastic for those clients that wish to add longevity to their packs. Printed plastic will protect against creasing / crumpling and dog eared corners
For Further information please contact Jourdon on
VideoPak® is a licenced and registered product under the Amstore Group