VideoPak®; a fusion of Print & Video Technology that offers engaging and interactive communication.

Everyone of us knows of the Audio greeting card / Birthday card which plays a pre recorded sound that makes it come to life upon opening the card. Amstore has now developed a NEW and exciting product called the VideoPak ®. You now not only have the audio message but also a digital media visual experience too. Think of how more effective this would have on your brand message!

Amstore VideoPak ® delivers a high impact audio visual presentation that really make an impression that lats, There are a whole host of applications from Films promotions, luxury items, Direct mail, marketing and much much more.

Marketing / Promotion Brochures:

VideoPak ® are great for press launches and/or to invite VIP Clients to view your new product or service in an engaging and creative way

Luxury item brochure:

High Value items when selling, it is imperative that you always portray the service and product with a powerful communication tool that delivers with impact

Film / Music / Games promotion:

There is no better way than to showcase your new show reel or movie than with the VideoPak ®. Your target audience will be amazed and will experience your work in way that now other medium can offer.


Knock the breath out of your customers or prospects in the car showroom, Help convince people to purchase, or as part of an after sales tool kit.

How the VideoPak® Works:

The Video Screens are embedded into print materials by using s custom designed micro-thin LCD and PCB that is uniquely assembled into the print POS or material.

The Screen, play options and custom Video player can be incorporated into a printed card folder or anything similar (printed Collateral), There are three options available starting the video playback,

1) Default magnet sensor which activates the pak upon opening and de-activating upon closing

2)Push On/Off button

3) Slide Tongue that automatically starts the video, similar to the traditional Greeting cards

The VideoPak® electronics comes with an in-built in memory that can be pre-loaded with DAT and this can be changed / updated as and when required. The device is supplied with a Lithium rechargeable battery that has approximately 60-90 minutes of playtime. The lithium battery can be recharged via a micro USB cable

Technical spec for the VideoPak®

  • Built-in memory: 512MB as standard – approx. 60mins of video (depending on compression)
  • LCD: 3”, 3.5” or 4.3” as standard
  • Playback time: Typically 2 hours +
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Screen resolution: 3” : 400 x 240
  • Movie Files: MPEG, MOV, AVI
  • Trigger: Slide tongue in the brochure or option of start On/Off button
  • Volume control: Available, additional feature
  • Viewing movies: Press button will stop the previous version and start a new one

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